Glass adds extraordinary beauty to a building
And has so many advantages:
  • Stylish and bright: Glass can transmit 80% of daylight in all directions. It can do so without weathering, clouding or yellowing.
  • Weather resistant: Glass can withstand effects of rain, wind and the sun without losing its integrity and appearance.
  • Versitile with options: Glass can be pressed, blown and drawn to any shape. Consequently, it is used in buildings, shop fronts, windows and doors. After lamination with plywood or a metal sheet, you can also use it for furniture. When you combine the glass in insulated or laminated units, it changes in color and appearance.

Spoilt for choice


Not only does frameless glass look seamless and classy, it has many features and versatile options that aren’t offered by regular glass. 

  • Customisation – Most frameless glass features are customised, so you aren’t limited to bulk made glass doors in strict standard sizes. This means you have more flexibility with your decor and glass installation.
  • Style – One of the main reasons these are becoming so popular, is because they simply look great. Framed glass tends to look bulky and takes up more room, where frameless glass looks sleek and minimal, creating an atmosphere of space and openness.
  • Reduced mould – We all know the hidden dangers of mould in the home. Frameless glass minimises water collection and gives mould less opportunity to grow around your glass.
  • Cleanliness – Frameless glass is much easier and quicker to clean than regular framed glass. It doesn’t have seals or areas for grime to build up so there’s no need to scrub – just wipe.

Toughened Glass provides a light and modern solution to partitioning. The glass’ inherent transparency offers the feeling of additional space as opposed to solid walls.

  • Bring style and class into the office.
  • Improve your employee experience with an open-plan feel in your workspace.
  • Glass panels come in a wide range in style and design that you can select from.
  • Reduce your usage of interior lighting and lamps since they bring lots of light into the room.

When you have a beautiful living space and outside area, flush glazing allows you to bring your view inside, and also bring the comforts of inside, out.

Flush sliding doors are minimally framed, slimline and flush, so whether your sliding doors are open or closed, your view will not be hindered by chunky frames.

Building glass (or architectural glass) is glass that is used as a building material. It is most typically used as transparent glazing material in the building envelope, including windows in the external walls. Glass is also used for internal partitions and as an architectural feature.

Building glass provide thermal and acoustic insulation while allowing you to see outside and bring natural light in.

The performance of glazed walls depends on three criteria: thermal insulation, input of natural light and control of solar gain. As a component in a building’s envelope, glass plays a crucial role in the energy performance and comfort of buildings. 

We love tinted glass. It has so many benefits! 

  • Energy saving: Tinted glass is the perfect solution for reducing your energy bills, especially if you decide to tint your windows, which are specifically designed to absorb heat. This reduces the amount of heating used in your home or business, as your windows will become a reliable heat source and there is no need for heating precautions.
  • Sun Protection: Tinted glass is not just an ideal form of protection for furnishings, it is also a great safeguarding tool for your health, even when indoors. You are exposed to UV radiation whilst sitting by a window, but tinted glass reduces the amount ultraviolet rays by 99% – therefore, providing essential protection for your family and employees.
  • Improved security: Our toughened glass can be implemented as a security precaution in order to deter unauthorised intruders into your home or business.
  • Privacy: If you require privacy solutions for your property, you should consider implementing tinted glass, which is perfect for obscuring your property. This can be used for windows in your home in order to fully separate yourself from the outside world,  ensuring you are relaxed in the comfort of your own home. It can also be used for office spaces, where it is vital that procedures remain discreet and confidential.
  • Low maintenance: Tinted glass is extremely easy to clean and maintain, which will allow you to spend more time on more important jobs at home or in your job. 

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