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Aluminium Doors

We offer a range of aluminium doors in different shapes, sizes and hanging options. 

The well-proven double and single-leaf classic sliding door sits at the very center of the product range, and are suitable for almost any application.

  • The modular drive and profile systems guarantee a reliable and low-noise operation over long periods.
  • The perfectly designed doors with their elegant appearance can be expanded according to customer requirements with regard to security, performance and convenience.
  • Depending on the requirements, narrow, standard or robust glass profiles are used for the glass doors, and all models can be equipped with escape route safety systems.
  • Single or double leaf automatic sliding doors are exceptionally versatile. They have opening widths of 800 mm to 3 000 mm, and can accommodate door weights of up to 1 x 200Kg or 2 x 150 Kg.

At 3MC, our automatic sliding doors have been built using interchangeable construction principles. This allows the system to be transformed safely and efficiently. For our customers, this means shorter installation times and reduced service and maintenance costs.

Aluminium hinged doors are the most standard aluminium door type, hinged onto the door jamb and opening inwards or outwards.

All our hinged doors are manufactured for the perfect fit (openings both new and break out) for single, double and stable doors.  

Our aluminium hinged doors are fitted with top quality hardware ensuring easy maintenance and effortless operation.

Pivot doors are the ideal solution to create a unique design statement and entrance to a room. 

They are also perfect for supersize doors, they can be as big as you like!  Larger openings are good for busy families or people with mobility challenges.

  • Our pivoting door options include doors and room dividers.


The perfect choice for opening up a space –  a room to the garden, a conference centre room, a dividing room in the office. The options are endless. 

  • A brilliant way to incorporate more natural light into your home/office
  •  Because of the ‘concertina effect’ of how this product stacks, it takes up a very small amount of space when opened. For compact living areas or small gardens, this is a huge benefit.
  • Bifold doors have locking mechanisms spread out across various different points on the sliding track on which they run. That means they can be far more secure than French doors or traditional sliding doors which tend to have just one locking point.
  • You can achieve versatile, open plan working when  installed in office spaces. For businesses which want flexible meeting rooms, boardrooms, or individual offices, stacking doors are a fantastic choice over room dividers due to their ability to soundproof and the asthetics.

Shopfronts & Partitions

Attract your customers  and make a great impression on them with the right shopfront design.

Aluminium is the ideal medium to work with when constructing a shop front. Not only is it strong, but it is also very flexible, enabling it to be bent into numerous architectural designs. Shop fronts made from aluminium require little or no maintenance and they will never go rusty or warp. A shop front that has been designed by an architect and assembled from aluminium and laminated glass will not just enhance the value of your shop, it will also act as a magnet, drawing in new customers.

  • Can be manufactured according to individual or standard specifications.
  • Numerous shop designs available.
  • They are extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • Strong, flexible and durable enabling architects to be creative with designs.
  • Popular in the construction industry as they are designed for heavy and frequent use.
  • Provides interesting options to supermarkets, restaurants, showrooms and stores.
  • Available in a range of colours, styles and finishes, along with a wide choice of handles and doors.
  • Installation and maintenance is cost effective and it’s a long term investment.

Frameless and semi-frameless glass systems are flexible solutions that can be designed to suit many applications.

For uninterrupted views, clean crisp lines, design flexibility or an elegant finish, a frameless glass system will deliver!

The use of frameless & semi-frameless glass systems are a stylish solution for shop fronts, internal office partitions, entrance ways, doorways, balustrades, stairways and cafe screens.

Frameless glass has long been used as a feature to highlight the front entry of shops and offices. It enhances the area around it, eliminating perceived barriers and magnifying the space, drawing people’s attention to all the features within that space.

For style, improved light and efficient office ergonomics. 

  • Frameless Glass Walls:  Effective for companies which are looking for something striking. These walls offer a very unique look.
  • Framed Glass: Unlike the frameless glass walls, framed glass are ideal for organisations that are looking for elegance and openness.
  • Semi-frameless glass: Suitable for companies that want to style their interior with frameless glass but with some extra robustness.
  • Skirting: Effective in providing your company with an elegant and clean appearance.
  • Frameless Glass Doors: Glass doors tend to appear more welcoming to clients compared to the traditional metallic or wooden doors. In fact, glass doors are in demand at the moment.

A building’s entrance fulfills an important role in providing activity for the street and creating an identity for the building. The entry should be designed so that the visitor or resident can readily find their way to and around the building.

We can work with most wall angles and curves, incorporating windows, doors, panels and bi-folding doors. Our experienced technical team ensure each product meets the specification. Our experienced team will offer advice on issues such as weather resistance, hardware solutions and glass all intended to make your business of installation easy.


We offer a variety of window options. Talk to us about which product will best match your requirements. 

Aesthetically Pleasing: Our aluminium window can provide many solutions for residential and light commercial applications. It can create traditional casement windows inspired by the elegance and styling of timber products, or contemporary style windows designed for modern homes or offices. 

Security: The window is security tested and uses a multi-point locking mechanism, internal key locking handles and internal beads the window system offers the highest level of security as standard.

Practicality: Our aluminium window system is suitable for domestic or commercial applications as replacement windows for existing building, and for installations into new buildings.

Weather Performance: The windows use an innovative polyamide thermal break technology which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside providing high thermal efficiency and u-values as low as 1.1 W/m2k with triple glazing. (On request).

Sustainable & Eco-friendly: It’s 100% recyclable and non-toxic, leaving a minimal ecological footprint. Recycling aluminium itself requires just five per cent of the initial energy consumed to create it.

Aluminium top and side hung casement windows:

  • Ideal for the rain side of a building, as they can be left open on those rainy days, allowing air in but keeping rain out.
  • Custom designed and manufactured to your requirements. 
  • Available in a host of colors and various casement sizes depending on the size of the window required.

The pivot window is the ideal choice for unobstructed views offering a large opening for maximum ventilation and light, a key factor for high-rise building specification.

Most people choose frameless windows because they complement the design of their home, however installing more glass can also have energy saving benefits. 

Seamless glazing is often used in commercial buildings because it gives an open feel and provides maximum light.

Sliding windows come in vertical and horizontal configurations. 

Horizontal sliding windows are the ideal solution for both domestic and commercial applications where site conditions require that the opening sash does not project away from the face of the building.

Our choice of horizontal sliders give a variety of options in terms of profile and configurations so that you can be sure that you will be getting the best product to meet your requirements.

Vertical sliding aluminium sash windows are a popular choice for installation in hospitals, schools, and other public buildings.

Sliding folding windows (Vista fold) are perfect for the person who wants to invite the outdoors into their living space, allowing maximum opening.

Perfect for the kitchen bringing the the outside into the room on a lovely spring morning, or on the patio for sipping sun downers on a beautiful winters evening.


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