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Coronavirus Protection Products

In the recent wake of the Covid-19 pandemic we are working with businesses to support them with a number of new and interesting solutions.
From disinfecting and santitzing, we are here to help. 

Point of Sale Protection

We offer a range of transparent  screens to act as protective shielding between cashiers and customers in retail, and service desks in the health sector.

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Most viruses are spread through droplets in the air from coughs and sneezes. You can stop them from spreading with a plastic shield. This protects cashiers against airborne viruses, such as the coronavirus.

  • We offer a range of transparent  screens to act as protective shielding between cashiers and customers. 
  • We use Impex polycarb sheeting(Clear UV2) in our screens.

Supermarkets have implemented measures such as queuing management and adjusted opening hours to allow people to buy essentials while also meeting social distancing requirements. But for independent small businesses and those with minimal floor space, many of these changes are not as easy to implement. In these cases, a simple method of minimising personal contact is to install perspex screens, a protective barrier between the workers and customers that will protect against unnecessary contact and airborne particles.

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Sanitizing Booths

3MC are offering single, double door and custom fit sanitizing booths for customers and staff in entrance and exit areas as well as for trolleys and baskets within a retail environment.


We offer two booth options: glass and aluminium and/or a steel option.

The glass is nonporous, so it is a very sterile product. The steel frame has a chromadek covering.  

Each booth comes with a supply tank (25 – 250 litre options) and a size relevant tank for drainage. A sump and waste container for residue from the tunnel is available as needed.

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